janet jackson secret daughter

Meet the woman who claims to be Janet Jacksons secret daughter

This rumor has been on the internet for decades now. But a woman, now claims she has th eDNA tests to prove she is singer Janet Jacksons daughter.

The world was awash with congratulations when Janet Jackson gave birth to her first child back in January at the age of 50 with billionaire husband Wisan Al Hasam. But it seems there is someone else here to reign in on her parade.

A woman has come out to allege she is the singers secret child who was conceived back when Janet Jackson was married to James Debarge.

Here is a picture of Janet with her former husband. Does this woman look anything like her. You be the judge.

janet and ex

The woman Tiffany Whyte says she is the secret child who has never been acknowledged.

People have taken to social media to express their disbelief. Read some comments below. Do you belueve her?


Velma Easter Davis Please you need go sit your money hungry butt down you ain’t Janet daughter you should be ashamed to let those words come out of your lying mouth you ain’t looking nothing like Janet or James you wish go sit your lying butt down

David’s Mommie ToBe’Exact Bihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Where cause Janet Jackson family has some strong genes and she don’t even have a 👀” or 👃 Bye Felicia”

Cheryl White Maybe Jackson’s Cookies daughter

Hank Byrd Wait……what?

Honey B Craine..maybe her 3rd cousin, definitely, not her daughter
Kietha Cummings That’s a picture of Janet Jackson and her ex James Debarge. Pic is about 30 years old. Who is the idiot saying it’s her daughter?

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