Meet The Stunning and Sexy Female Comedian Who’s Proposed To Music Sensation Ben Pol

Bernard Michael Paul Mnyang’anga, better known by his stage name Ben Pol, is a Tanzanian singer and songwriter. He was born and raised in the capital city of Tanzania, Dar es salaam. He began performing in 2009 and debuted his solo album in 2010 dubbed ‘Maboma’.


His hard work has seen him become one of the artists topping the charts in Tanzania, especially after releasing one of the biggest hits including ‘Muziki’ with Darasa. It seems Ben Pol is one lucky lad as apart from his good music he is giving girls sleepless nights. Ebitoke, a comedian from Tanzania, is one of them and in a recent interview she poured her heart out expressing her feeling for Ben Pol.
Tired of carrying the pain of loving him in her heart, she disclosed that she has always been in love with Ben Pol and was looking for a way to express her feelings for him. Ebitoke consulted his manager who was taken by surprise and probably thought it was a joke.
On her post on social media she wrote and expressed herself using swahili language saying;
Nimeona niweke comedy pembeni leo naongea kitu siriazi.

Najua wengi hamjawahi kuona nikipost mpenzi wangu ila nimeona leo niweke wazi. Kwa muda mrefu nimeficha hisia zangu kwa mwanaume huyu sababu nilikua naogopa kumueleza ukweli leo nimeona niseme ukweli.

Nampenda sana Natamani awe mpenzi wangu wa maisha, sijui kama anayempenzi wake au laa ila natanguliza samahani kama nimemkosea kumueleza hisia zangu mtandaoni nahisi siwezi kumueleza live naomba mliokaribu nae mumueleze hisia zangu. Niko tayari kuolewa nae wakati wowote. Najua wengine mtanitukana au kunikejeli kua sina hadhi ya kuwa mpenzi wake.

Naombeni mumfikishie ujumbe huu

Mwambieni NAMPENDA

Ben Pol is not married but is in a relationship, and the two love-birds have a son together. It is not clear if they’ll get married but judging from the photos they look happy together as a family.


Ebitoke on the other hand is not about to give up yet despite the fact that she knows that Pol has a son with another woman. She revealed plans of how she intends to ensure they build their lives together. She also says she is willing to give up her career in case he is not happy about it, all this in the name of love.

She insisted that it was not a celebrity stunt and she is even ready to provide love and raise Ben Pol’s son together. The two are set to meet for a one on one encounter, let us wait and see what unfolds from the meeting as it could be wedding bells for Ben and Ebitoke.

Here are some of photos shared by Ebitoke




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