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Meet the strict celebrity mums

Just because these women are rich and famous it doesn’t mean that their children get what they want when they want.

This is not because their  parents are unable to give them, but its because they are being taught the value of money and hardwork.

These parents have it all but believe that the same way they work hard is the same way their kids have to work hard.

Jennifer Lopez
According to Jennifer, her daughter and son have to earn their weekend fun by ‘behaving’ through the week. And only if they do, does she allow them to use iPads, sleep in with her, have late breakfast and watch TV on Sunday. And JLo rightly calls it the Sunday Funday.

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Kate Winslet
Kate Winslet has no qualms accepting that she is a ‘strict mom’ as she makes sure her children are off to bed at 7:30 pm for a good night’s sleep. Other fun stuff like jumping on the bed is also strictly prohibited, while, following a strict daily routine is strictly asked for.

Kate Winslet and her kids –

Victoria Beckham
Victoria and David Beckham might be the richest parents in the world, but their kids, sure have to make their way up on their own. Their eldest son Brooklyn had to take up a job as a barristo to earn his pocket money. There is a ‘Punishment Chair’ for those who behave badly as well.

beckham fam
Victoria Beckham and her family –

Madonna, mother of four, surely comes across as the strictest mommy as she has laid down a number of rules for her kids. While there is a strict no to watching TV, having ice-cream, milk, mobiles and reading magazines, the kids are supposed to do their daily chores by themselves.

madona n kids
Madonna and her kids –

Megan Fox
Megan Fox has a ‘no screen’ rule for her kids. The kids are not allowed to watch any television, play video games, movies or internet. While she is still open to the kids watching movies sometimes, television is a strict no, as it is ‘non-stop.’

megan fox
Megan fox and her family –


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