matautu tout returns sh30k

Meet the matatu tout who returned Sh30,000 left behind by a comutter

Huyu hatakufa maskini, is the remarks many KOT are making after hearing this unbelievable story of a matatu tout, who did the most honest thing.

Daniel Mwaura, a conductor of PSV KCC 997E plying the between Gachie and Nairobi 108 sacco, saw a wallet left behind by a commuter.

According to multiple reports, the wallet contained sh30,000. Anyone else might have kept the money but not Daniel.

Ken Ainea shared the motivating story on Facebook, and it has been widely shared;

On 11th April 2018 when Daniel was in his normal duty as conductor of bus registration no KCC 997E Trade name Fagal Maggy operating within Gachie and NAIROBI 108 Ganaki sacco; he came into contact with a wallet loaded with ksh 30,000, plus other personal documents.
He first reported to Ganaki sacco linesman Mr Joseph Muniu who was operating within Gachie Gichagi centre at that time, “if someone ask 4 lost money plus documents, please directs him to me” he told Mr Muniu.

After two days without someone claiming the documents/money, he took it to Ganaki Nairobi offices HQs.

On the third day, a man who introduced himself as Stanley Kaberi, went into Ganaki office and reported about his lost documents, ID card plus others he said that ID name was Stanley Kaberi from Ndumberi within kiambu county. He did not even mention anything about money, he suspected that as not essay to find it.

That’s the time that Daniel Mwaura was connected to Stanley through phone. The convo went a little something like this:

” hello,  have u seen an I’d by the name Stanley Kaberi for Ikinu within Githunguri “

To which Daniel responded;
” It’s not only ID what else did the wallet posses?? “‘ Daniel asked

There was Ksh 30k that I withdraw to settle for my child hospital bill in hospital” he replied

It’s there in the office just ask the secretary to hand it over to u, u left it in the bus ” he replied

“Ooooh thanks what wld u like me to reward u with ??”

“First sort out the child hospital bill we wil discuss about me latter , it’s ur child who needs assistance first.”

The man was given back his documents plus ksh 30,000 at the Ganaki office.

Commendable isn’t it?

Kudos Daniel.

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