Meet the man who tastes dog food for a living

When you meet someone and ask them  what they do for a living , you expect answers like lawyer, teacher, banker etc .

Thats not the case for Mr. Philip Wells  who is paid and works as  a dog food tester.

According to the Metro,  Mr. Wells eats dog food for a living every single day and  is passionate about it.

He says ‘Dogs’ palates are different to humans’ – but taste is an important quality check to ensure each different ingredient is perfectly balanced in just the right proportions,’ he says.

Philip’s  official job title is not actually Dog Food Taster but Technical Director at Lily’s Kitchen, says he likes the Lovely Lamb with Peas and Parsley best.

‘It’s always a pleasure to quality check this one as the recipe is one of the best, but it’s also great for this time of year – it’s our lowest fat dry food so perfect to tie in with a healthy start to 2015.’

He doesn’t just get stuck straight in though. First he  looks at the food  to  make sure there are  enough blueberries or green beans for example’ – and gives it a good sniff.

‘The aroma of food tells you so much,’ he says. ‘If it smells bad it probably is bad. Our recipes use only freshly prepared meat and botanical herbs so it doesn’t smell like normal dog food. Trying the food is the best way to pick up on the nuances of the cooking,’ he says

Taste and mouth-feel along with “crunch” tells us so much about the baking process,’ he says.

Would you handle this kind of job?

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