Meet the family that Fly Sax pilot Barbra Kimani left behind

It’s a dark moment for our nation as we mourn the death of the 10 departed souls of the ill-fated plane.

On Tuesday, an aircraft which was carrying 8 passengers and 2 crew crashed in the Aberdare forest and Barbra Kamau was the pilot of the ill-fated plane.

Barbra Kimani
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Barbra was born in a family of two and she had a sister.

Barbra Kamau
She was an ambitious woman and after completing her first degree, she went back to a flight school to achieve her dream of becoming a pilot.

Here are¬†photos of Barbra Kamau’s family.

Barbra Kamau
Barbra Kamau and family on her graduation
Barbra Kimani
Barbra Kimani with her sister and mother

We at Mpasho send our sincere condolences to the family.


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