Meet the 66-year-old widow who has taken upon herself to repair a dilapidated road

A 66-year-old widow has taken it upon herself to repair a dilapidated road in Bomet county.

Evaline Towett says she is tired of promises by leaders and annoyed by frequent road accidents along the three-kilometre stretch leading to Tenwek mission hospital.

The widow does not want to witness or hear that lives have been lost anymore on the route.

When we bumped into her at 2pm along the busy road on Tuesday, Towett was pushing a wheelbarrow laden with gravel to fill the large potholes.

She was weary —having worked since 6am. Towett said she is doing the job for the sake of road users who have had rough time accessing the largest hospital in the area.

She says she feels for the patients who spend a lot of time on the stretch. “We must help the government by playing our roles and doing what is right.”

“I am just doing this for our people and nothing else. I planned about it on Monday night and woke up early just to come seal these potholes so that we can avoid these minor collisions here between vehicles and boda bodas,” she said.

Noting the charity work she was engaging in was a gift to the motorists using the route this season, she notes she got motivated by a sermon from a preacher last Sunday about the wise men who offered gifts to baby Jesus.

“I heard the sermon and it touched me. We were taught about offering presents to the needy and so when I returned home, I thought about my best gift and this idea came to my mind,” she said.

Towett, who works in Pokot as missionary, said she recently witnessed a pedestrian being knocked down along the route by a boda boda rider, who was trying to avoid hitting a pothole. The man later succumbed to injuries at the Tenwek Hospital.

While trying hard to control herself, Towett says she lost her only son in an accident and, “I no longer want to see more people dying like my son because there are some things we can do to prevent it.”

Motorists are appreciative of the work she is doing.

She, however, appealed to area leaders and Infrastructure CS James Macharia to consider repairing the road to prevent more accidents on the road.

Towett said it was sad that leaders have continued to keep a deaf ear over the state of the road.

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