Meet Some Of Kenya’s Successful Bachelorettes

Will they get married? This the question many people both men and women keep asking about.

These women grace our TV screen, engage us via radio or simply entertain us with their music, however the one thing they have in common is that they are not married.  Granted some of them have children others don’t but does that really define what a woman is? Or does having a man by your side make you more of a woman than others?

I feel that the society has made us believe that marriage  is the ultimate goal for all of us and especially the women. Men don’t really get the backlash when they choose to stay unmarried with or without children unless you’re looking for a top job case in point Patrick Njoroge the current CBK governor. He was grilled and put on the spot for not being a “family man” and hence many felt that he was unsuitable for the job citing that” a man who doesn’t know or has never taken care of a family cannot handle a big responsibility.”  Did that prevent him from getting the job? No. I feel that the people who were disapproving of him finally agreed because it was a man.

Flip the script and assume it was a single woman, do you think she would have landed the job even with qualifications? No.  Simply because she is a woman and mostly because she is unmarried it would have been highly unlikely that she would have landed the job.  Women have come a long way from the stigma associated with being single, lonely and unsuccessful to single, happy and successful.

They have scaled the heights and proven that they can be just as good, infact even better than their male counterparts and mostly successful without the tag of “Mrs”. Here are some of the women that have made it without the “ring” or a marriage certificate.

kobi kihara
Kobi Kihara – Image/Twitter
angie angwe
Angela Angwenyi – Image/Linkedin
Terryanne Chebet – Image/Niaje
anne kiguta
Anne Kiguta -Image/ kenyanvoice
Sheila-Mwanyiga – Image/Redpepper
Grace Msalame – Image/Sasatrends
Amani – Image/Amanimusic
avril beauty
Avril – Image/Enews

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