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Meet Nicki Minaj’s cute baby boy nicknamed Papa Bear


Nicki Minaj unveiled her three month old baby son and we are all awe struck.

Her bundle of joy is the cutest and even 50 cent paid glowing tribute to the young oy nicknamed Papa Bear, saying he looks rich owing to the bling the child is wearing.

The chain the child is wearing has his nickname. Weuh lanes please!.

On 3oth December 2020, Nicki in a Q&A with fans said she would unveil his face after opening up about her pregnancy and labor experience.

Her experience is much like other mothers

Well I was actually in labor all night but all they did was let me sleep until I dilated far enough to push. The epidural didn’t hurt either. They numbed me up real good. So I took my ass right to sleepnicki babay 2

Nicki described breastfeeding Papa Bear to a fan

He had no problem breastfeeding. He latched on in the hospital which was very surprising to me. I was afraid maybe he wouldn’t. But breast feeding is very painful. Pumping is too. Women make this stuff look way too easy. Moms r really superheroes

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The adorable photos have gone viral as Nicki thanked him saying “Becoming a mom is by far the most fulfilling job I’ve ever taken on.”

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