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Meet Mike Mondo’s ‘love of his life’ (photo)

Mike Mondo serves goals when it comes to fatherhood. He has a special bond with his daughter and his nieces and he is willing to harm anyone who hurts them.

Sharing a photo of himself and his niece Mondo revealed that who ever hurts her feelings will have to face his wrath .

Meet the #LoveOfMyLife #Taraji I will shoot a ni*ga who hurts this girl! #Unc #Uncle#Love #familyfirst❤️

Mike Mondo and his niece Taraji
Mike Mondo and his niece Taraji

Besides being an awesome uncle, Mondo is never shy to flaunt his daughter Nicole whom he fondly refers to as his ‘Little Bambina’.

Below are some of the hilarious reactions on his threats to future team mafisi.

Have you bought the gun yet? Begin practice too. You will need to shoot someone for sure cause that right there is purity of love as it gets!! Just not everyone has you as uncle to learn from..

Another adds,

🤣🤣🤣 why do you think I’m always in the gym. In 5 years I’m ready💪🏾

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Just when you think you have recovered from the comments another fan adds

U wont shoot my son over your girl😋🤣🤣🤣

Another fan goes on to advise Mike that he should’t worry too much as at some point there will be nothing much he can do about his baby niece getting hurt.

Hahahha just like all of us she will be hurt🤣🤣 and nothing ankoooo can do🤣

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