Meet Mathenge Mukundi, the first Rastafarian to be admitted to the bar as an advocate

Mathenge Mukundi was trending online Friday after the social media accounts of the Judiciary shared a picture of him graduating.

The first rastafrian by religion to be admitted as an advocate of the High court create excitement online, with many expressing that ‘finally’ weed could be legalized.

Trust Kenyans to think like this.




KOT celebrated him in the comments below:


Only Rasta can liberate the people, over hills and valleys too Multiple musical notesMultiple musical notes

Kenya will not be turned into Sodom and Gomorrah!! Lisa Gaitho lectures Anita Nderu

Wagwan 👊🏿👊🏿 the Rasta Community we r glad of our own.

For the King of Israel reigns; whatever dem say, a mussi mad dem mad!!

Jah live. Jah supremacy. Holy herb for humanity.

kunakuaga na Temple ya WaRasta? Please come and confirm this


Wangwan, Rasta Mathenge
Finian Mwamba..
Good..He should dedicate his service to enhance the Rastafarian culture and maybe get some of it into law

on that note what do we need to be do to get rid of those wigs? imo they are archaic and emblems of institutionalized mental slavery
Curl Gilberts – (Himuselefu….)..
Wangwan Rasta.. I and I love trueth, justice and fairness.. Rastaman will deliver.

Long a live Bobo Shanti.

Now let him work on legalizing the drug. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

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