Meet Kenya’s Most Popular Media Personality Who Has Proven That Marriage Works

Citizen TV’s news journalist Patrick Igunza is a man who has worked heard to gain his badges.

Patrick did not always have it all.

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Patrick Igunza is a man of vision and he knew what he wanted in life, both career-wise and personally.

After high school he and his high school sweetheart could not bare to part ways and thus, she moved in with him.

“That is the best thing ever. She stuck by me. She just decided that she wouldn’t leave me. She schooled with me in high school,” Patrick Igunza told eDaily.

That is more than 11 years ago.

Patrick Igunza

Patrick who is now a father of three, posts photos of his family, proudly showing them off with the hashtag “FatherWarrior”.

“Marriage has taught me to a good father. A happy father and a rich father is he whose children run into his arms even when his hands are empty – presence of being there for your kids. Your kids must know that you are fighting to bring food on the table. That you are fighting for them, they should know that when dad is around. everything is okay – even if you know that nothing is okay,” Patrick said.

Patrick IgunzaAdding, “Marriage has taught me that it reaches a point when you stop Loving and you start caring. Marriage has taught me that sometimes in life you have to compromise. Yes. I am right, she is wrong: but then again for us to move forward. I’ll choose to be wrong and let her be right. Marriage has taught me that not every war is worth fighting, and marriage has taught me that marriage works.”

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Check out photos of the beautiful family.

Patrick Igunza

Patrick Igunza

Patrick Igunza

Patrick Igunza

Patrick Igunza

Patrick Igunza



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