Meet the Kenyan Poet who is making waves in the US

Kenyan poet and writer Njeri Wangarĩ got a rare opportunity to share her passion for poetry writing and spoken word performance with over students.

For 2 weeks, Njeri was the visiting poet at Oak-land and Stillwater Middle schools where she shared about her journey into discovering poetry, writing, becoming a spoken word poet.

In addition she talked about her culture, her continent and country to  5th & 6th graders, most of whom had never heard of Kenya before studying her works.

The project to have a visiting poet teach was the first of its kind for the two schools.

Upon her return, Njeri in a statement said,

I had a wonderful time teaching, talking & sharing the beauty of words and power of poetry with all your students in what was for me, a time to have my work taken apart.

To bear witness to how each student interpreted the words to their world was one of the most joyous moments of life as a poet. 

Njeri’s work has been studied in schools in the United States of America as a way to spark difficult conversations on the power of guns vs words.

This is to give an understanding of the effects of rapid industrialization juxtaposed to the growing wealth gap globally as well as teach young learners on the power of poetry and spoken word.

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Njeri Wangari, right, a poet from Nairobi, Kenya, works with sixth-grader Anna Chase at Stillwater Middle School on Tuesday, May 7, 2019. Wangari came to Stillwater to teach a two-week session on poetry, at Oak-Land and Stillwater Middle schools. (Courtesy of Chris Freichels)
Njeri Wangari, right, a poet from Nairobi, Kenya,

Njeri has appeared on local, regional and international stages performing her spoken word poetry to entertain and spark discourse on pertinent issues such as gun violence, effects of social media & societal ills.

Njeri Wangari the poet is currently finalizing  her 2nd poetry book, a culmination of her poems on various themes beyond identity which she hopes to publish in 2019


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