Ken Okoth in a past photo with his mum

Meet Ken Okoth’s mum who sold paraffin and tomatoes to educate six kids

Ken Okoth might have easily passed for a man born with a silver spoon in the mouth.

But for Okoth life as a child was a real struggle to an extent of him damaging his eyes.

Speaking about his life in a past interview with Daily Nation Okoth confessed that his glasses were not a sign of ‘class’.

My spectacles are not objects of prestige, but emblems of paucity.  I would not be wearing them had I grown up in an opulent background.

Nyangile ( a Luo word for a kerosene lamp) damaged my eye sight.

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Okoth went on to narrate all the thing his mother did to bring up six kids.

My mum sold anything from clothes to paraffin and tomatoes in Kibra to bring up six children.

 I remember my days at Olympic Primary School in worn out sandak shoes and patched uniform. My sweater had holes in it.

Ken Okoth in a past photo with his mum
Ken Okoth in a past photo with his mum

Okoth went on to confess that his role model is Raila Odinga adding that his words of encouragement had kindled a fire than never burned out for him to succeed.

“I first set my eyes on my hero, Raila at Olympic when he visited and addressed us, the pupils.  He told us nothing was impossible and gave the example of himself. 

He had just emerged from years in detention and won the Langata parliamentary seat without the assistance of his famous father.

The inspiration kindled a fire in me that burns to this day. When I decided to vie for the Kibra parliamentary seat, I drew confidence from the realization that it was tough, but not impossible.” 

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