Meet Isbam Abgon, the male make up artist and model giving women sleepless nights with his sleek make up skills

Achieving a flawless face, perfect eye brows and picking the right foundation is a challnege for many women as most end up choosing the wrong shade.

Isbamabgon, a make up artiste-cum-model, is giving women a run for their money with his make up skills.

Unlike some of us whose eye brows are parallel to each other,  this gentleman’s eyebrows are on fleek and if you are doubting here are photos of the guy.


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Isbam has taken a leap of faith and jumped into a filed that is mostly dominated by women but he is doing a great job while at it.

From the comments below it is obvious that Women appreciate his skills ,after all it is not easy to attain that glow.

gloriaalphonsus: Am just so in love with all of you. Everything is just so dope

gloriaalphonsus: Always perfect when it comes to makeup.

livelikenicole: absolutely on point

lynnaowiti: Discovered you today and I’m DYING where have you been all my insta life, wow . I stan !!

gloriaalphonsus: Your work is amazing. So gorgeous. Can say what inspires me most is support from my family and friends and my goals and ambitions.

foreverxaiver: Your brows my friend ‍♀️

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