Diamond Platnumz

Meet Diamond Platnumz’s grandfather

Diamond Platnumz’s grandpa made his first public appearance over the weekend at an event dubbed “Twenzetu Kigoma”.

The grandpa who is father to Diamond’s mother Sanura Sandrah told Wasafi Media that he was overwhelmed by his grandson’s success.

Diamond celebrated ten years in the music industry over the weekend which was marked by performing in his homeland Kigoma.

“He used to sing but we never thought he would take it seriously. But singing was his talent since he was young. We used to listen to him and think he was just doing it for fun.”

His words of advise for his grandson?

“He should plan himself well and should follow advice from his elders.”

Congratulations! Diamond Platnumz celebrates a decade in the music industry

He went on to say that his daughter, Mama Diamond has always helped the family

“She knows her family and siblings. I will not really praise her but she is kind and loves people. She is generous and should continue that way. She helps us a lot.”

Meet Diamond’s grandpa;

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