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Meet David aka Kiongo wa pantie, the pastor who proudly sells women underwears as his side hustle

Let me introduce you to David Kiongo Kamande alias Kiongo wa pantie. He is a pastor in Kiambu who is also a former political aspirant.

Other than that he, has another job that is all for his women.

I know you are wondering what business it is, well as his name suggests he deals with selling women’s panties. He says that he used to work at a construction site before lady luck smiled on him.

I used to work at a construction site but one day, the owner refused to pay us and we boycotted work. We threatened to take his mabati and other tools and that’s when he gave in.

He came with lots of money to pay us but some of my workmates refused to queue and fought over the money. In the process I scooped Sh10,000 and ran into the coffee plantation.

After paying my rent, I was left with Sh2,000 which I used to start the panties business

Today, he is one of the most popular panties dealers in Nairobi and Kiambu County. Kiongo told CityBiz that before he opens shop, he preaches the word of God to his customers.

“Women nicknamed me Kiongo wa panti and the name went viral. In fact, I am among the first people to sell women’s panties in open air markets in this city. I will be celebrating my tenth year doing this business very soon.”

Kiongo explains that being a panties man has enabled him to feed his family and employ four people.



The 29 year old, father-of-two explains that despite his unique hustle, he does not shy away from serving as a pastor at Victory Church in Weteithie, Thika.

“Being a pastor does not stop me from selling women’s panties. I receive orders through WhatsApp, where women send their photos so that I can determine the size of their panties. Most orders are from those who work in offices and we deliver them at a cost. I charge Sh100 for delivery,”

In conclusion, he says

I have mentored many young guys to join this business. Don’t joke with this panties business, it has built my parents a decent home

Says the alumnus of Balkan High School.

As a motivation, Kiongo gives his loyal clients three-month credit period, especially those taking their kids to school.

In terms of cost, lace panties go for Sh500, seamless ones for Sh600 and Sh400 for G-strings. Hotpants retail for Sh300.

White and black colours sell like hot cakes and sometimes men stop by to buy panties for their women. Many customers say that hotpants are very comfortable.

Kiongo says that he goes to Kampala every three months to stock up.

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