Meet Benny the online hair influencer with the longest afro


A black man named Benny Harlem has been touted as one of the most successful hair influencers on Instagram owing to his amazing hairstyles, the lenght of his hair and what he does to maintain it.

The hair has also earned him a Guiness World Book record holder title.

Benny lives in California and caught worldwide attention back in 2016, after his pictures of his stunning afro captured the internets attention.


His daughter also inherited his amazing hair and often is seen in his instagram feed.

Benny has very inspiring messages for his fans about loving and acceptign themselves, and how to be a better person.

In 2018, Benny Harlem was acknowledged by the Guinness Book of Records for having the world’s tallest high-top fade hairdo, which at the time measured a whopping 20.5 inches. This only added to his online fame, pushing the number of Instagram followers over 500,000.

Sadly he was caught up in scandal in 2018, after fans accused him or reselling products at a higher cost and even re labelling bottles to make them seem as if he made the items.

Since then he has been MIA on social media, but let us relive his beautiful afro once again.

See pictures of his huge hair:


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