Meet Ann Ngirita the woman on the spotlight for being paid Sh60million in NYS saga

The National Youth Service could have lost up to Sh10 billion in a new scandal that has hit the organization.

Those involved are said to be senior government officials who colluded with other people to steal the money from NYS, according to the Star.

Some are said to have used proxies to register companies that were used to siphon millions of shillings.

Most of them were paid without doing any work.

It is understood that the money was paid out soon after the last scandal which cost the organization sh1.6 billion.

Kenyans are outraged after the revelation of the scandal at the NYS.

It is emerging that a 30-year-old woman supplied next to nothing and was paid Sh60million.

Her story is like a movie. It will leave you so spell-bound.

According to the Daily Nation, the mysterious woman did not supply anything rather all she had to do was walk to NYS headquarters and request a procurement officer to allow her to supply goods. On paper, she was supposed to supply foodstuff, stationery, hammers and firewood.

The article in the Nation reveals that the 30-year-old woman has been identified as Ann Wambere Wanjiku Ngirita. It is said she has befallen the same fate as Josephine Kabura, another NYS supplier and was used as a scape goat. Their words not mine.

She admitted that since the firm has no office or other business premises, she only used a Certificate of Registration of Business and a KRA tax compliance certificate to get a contract at NYS.

National Youth Service recruits at a past pass out parade. /FILENational Youth Service recruits at a past pass out parade. /FILE

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