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Meet 28 year old Ciru Njuguna who is proving inter racial marriage works


Ciru Njguna is a 28 year old Kenyan woman from Nakuru who is married to a 60 year old mzungu.

The age difference is 30 years but she has told naysayers that they are madly and deeply in love. “Age for us is just a number. We love each other” in a kikuyu interview.

Ciru and her mzungu have two children and very popular on Tiktok for their marriage videos. They met when she was 20 years on Facebook. Their conversation led to a love like no other as she told Journalist Monica Kagoni in an interview recently.

She tells alot about dating a white man having been with him for 8 years now and two children. “Patience is very important when you are trusting for significant changes in your life. It’s hard not to worry or wonder but surely sometimes it’s necessary not to think too hard when you can’t seem to find solutions to your problems.
I’m thankful for my journey. I’m thankful for my family. I’m thankful for every person who has been part of my journey. I’m a happy woman.”ciru 2 (1)

Ciru is also judged alot online and hits back at critics to defend her man and their marriage.

Ann Njuguna
She is mature, well mannered, and full of respect, and beautiful inside out, God bless your marriage and family.

Eunice Wambui
Am also 28 and my husband is 55 and we are happy what matters is happiness in the marriage.
Shiru be happy

sue wa kuria
Kaa anaprovide kila kitu na huna dry spell tuliza huko age is just a number.

John Ngure
Was watching barothi wa bururi,,, and one story was like,,,shire is in heaven on earth and the character wa barothi was even hell ni nothing to her story,so the major focus is just one genuine love and care,keep up the good family shiro….

ciru 3 (1)
Shiro is such a strong girl! I admire her maturity and courage.

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