Media personality Kobi Kihara is blocking people on social media. She explains why…

Media personality Kobi Kihara is as authentic as they come.

She is real and raw and appreciates the same traits in people she associates with.

In a past Instagram post, Kobi wrote:

“I tried to be normal once y’all. Worst two minutes of my life🌸💕 #SquareHole #NoBox #LoveMyLife #KobiWithAnEye.”

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Now, Kobi has informed her fans that, she will be blocking out negativity from her life, and that includes people with negative vibes.

“Spending so much time alone has made me social media obsessed, so I’m weaning myself off little by little…” Kobi wrote on Instagram.

“I’ve realized I was investing in so much negativity😪 50cents beefing with Mayweather, Shaderoom being shady, Trump Supporters vs The World, Black men getting killed by cops for no reason, the latest thieving Kenyan politician and now ladies are being told to wash their men/sponsors so they can have a nice life. I Kent!! Lawdt!”

Adding, “So I’ve used my block button and I’ve followed positive people/pages and it’s been so nice! My explore page is sooo positive! Don’t let negative energy sip into your psyche, it will affect your state of mind and eventually your personality 💕🌸🌸💕 #My2Cents #FollowPositive #ProtectYourMind #KobiWithAnEye”

Her fans reacted to this news. Here are some of the reactions.

thebmgempire: Thats what you should always do! otherwise they may infect you with severe hate too…

i_heart_stylish: Way to gooo!! Positive vibes only 💕💕

trynah_kathure: That’s my Doll.. I’ve always loved you Kobi Kihara.

jahmbykoikai: Gurrrrlllllll what we spoke about😊❤❤❤❤

kobikihara: @shironjagi Block the mess coz if you unfollow they show up on Explore.

linda.murithi: Looking too cute… Just when we started connecting you up and start following dreams… Am coming to see you soon… #WatchThisSpace xoxo.

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