Media Personality Julie Gichuru Reveals She Planned Never To Get Married

Julie Gichuru is by far one of the most admired media personalities in the country. She carries herself with so much grace that makes us look like we can’t get to her level. She is beautiful, well put together and most of all, an inspiration to many.

Her path in the media industry has surely inspired many young people to follow their dreams and to never take no for an answer. Even after she left TV, she still shines bright like a diamond –  if not brighter.

The media mogul has always kept her private life hush-hush does not parade everything she does for the public eye to see.


Julie is a darling to many and she has proven to be a woman of steel over the years. She even quit TV to start her own PR firm. Apart from that, she has her own betting company that is growing in leaps and bounds.

But one thing that amazes many is how she never ages. I mean, Julie looks like she’s 18 over and over again. Talk of good genes. Her husband is surely one lucky man.

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The two have always looked good together and both have successful careers and a beautiful family.

Well, Julie and her husband have been married for seventeen years straight and they are celebrating their anniversary. Julie could not hide they joy of being married for that long and even went ahead to write her husband a beautiful message that read, “‘Nothing comes from nothing, Nothing ever could…So somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good.’ 🎶🎼~Sound of Music~Happy Anniversary my simba, my rib, my love 💙☀🙏.


Julie Gichuru has come out and revealed something that no one would have ever guessed. Taking to social media, she confessed that she had planned to never get married when she was young. But the turn of events totally shocked her as she met her true love.

She wrote, “Ladies, As a teenager I planned never to get married and I though I would adopt one child. But His plan for our lives outdoes all our best laid plans! Soooo happy!Can’t believe it’s so many years.Soooo thankful!

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