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Si Rue Baby! MCA Tricky raises eyebrows after professing love for woman online(image)

Comedian MCA Tricky is causing much confusion online after one of his recent Instagram posts. The man confessed his undying love for a lady named Helena Talaso.

Taking to his social media pages on Facebook and Instagram, Tricky shared a photo of a beautiful lady in a graduation gown and gushed over her on end.

Tricky is known to joke a lot and so many wondered whether the lady could be his significant other or he was just joshing?

His caption read;

“I love this lady to my bones but she won’t admit , .check out her works Helena Talaso. You were meant for greatness gal , may ALLAH shade blessings to your life babe! Full stop.”

One reason the post caused many raised eyebrows among Kenyans is the fact that Tricky and Akothee’s daughter have been hinting that they might be together.

Oddly enough the funny man disabled comments on his Instagram page while he deleted the post on his Facebook page. Many people who had commented on his Facebook post concluded Tricky may have broken up with Rue Baby.

While people might be focused on Rue Baby, I am more concerned with the other lady that Tricky was dating in 2018 and 2019.

In a previous interview with me back in 2019, the comedian said that he was dating a woman called Renee. At the time he said that the two had been together for 2 years.

The artist said that Renee had been with him even before he became the celeb he is. He said that she was the one who had pursued a relationship with the budding comedian at the time, even if he was still struggling to get into the industry.

The comedian with his girlfriend
MCA Tricky with Renee

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