The comedian with his girlfriend

MCA Tricky describes meeting his bae’s parents for the 1st time(exclusive)

MCA Tricky nearly took down the internets when he posted an untitled image earlier this week. Some thought that it was his wife but the comedian clarified that it was his cousin and her son that he had posted.

The comedian with his cousin and her son
MCA Tricky with his cousin and her son

The entertainer, however, said that he wanted to get a child in the near future with his girlfriend, Renee. The two have been together for 2 years.

He clarified that he first wanted his girlfriend to finish college before they can think about marriage or getting pregnant.

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The artist said that his girlfriend has been with him even before he became the celeb he is. He said that she was the one who had pursued a relationship with the budding comedian at the time, even if he was still struggling to get into the industry.

MCA Tricky with Renee
MCA Tricky with Renee

The entertainer also revealed the most memorable thing that Renee had done for him. His answer was a bit shocking to me. He said that the light-skinned chick had once taken him to meet her parents for the first time without even warning him!

‘She took me to her parents in Mombasa. It told me a lot about her character that she was willing to introduce me. I also learnt that they were fans of mine! The most interesting thing about that day was that her parents didn’t know that we were dating. They even thought it was a prank.’

The comedian posing on a car
MCA Tricky posing on a car

The comedian said that his life has been going excellently this year. His only regret was that he hadn’t been able to take his travelling show to 10 counties that he had targeted.

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