Niliomoka! Humble comedian Paul Kimani says about his blessed 2020(exclusive)

Paul Kimani Njoroge aka MCA Tricky is one of the best and most influential comedians in  Kenya. The man has been working hard to leave his mark on the industry.

In a recent interview with the comedian, Tricky spoke about the previous year. He concluded that it was one of his best years so far.

“2020 was my biggest year for me. As an artist, this was the year I nearly omokad! Me I can’t place myself with other people who had a tough year. God can be upset with me. God opened for me doors that I didn’t expect. I got a radio job and I got several big endorsements. I want to say thank you to those guys who trusted me when every artist was down, they stood with me.”

And what was the reason for this?

“The way the country closed down due to Covid-19 restrictions, clients and advertisers moved to the digital space because the mainstream methods were a little restricted. Today, I can say I am proud that my brand was seen by the biggest of all, from Multichoice in South Africa, GoTv and DSTV and I am still working with them. From the time Corona came, these brands started working with me and they are still working with me. Safaricom and Tecno were also there with me all through.”

He attributed his success to the way he had been able to position himself digitally before the pandemic hit Kenyans.

“The success happened to the brands that were strong on the interwebs. You can see all the years that I had invested in the past, paid off. It was a blessing in disguise all the work I had done on my digital platforms.”

But while the comedian is happy with his own successes that doesn’t mean he isn’t cognisant of the ways some other Kenyans have been struggling.

“The only reason I cannot celebrate it so much is that this life isn’t an individual one. I can see the cries from my friends, close friends and people in my neighbourhood, the way people have been affected. So I wasn’t happy with that aspect.”

And what were his plans for this year? “On a personal level, it was good…Omokaing is number one. This year I have dedicated it to two things; First, I want to rebrand. I want to get back to stand-up comedy like never before.”

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