‘KCPE for me was a sad time’ MC Jessy speaks of his mother passing on

MC Jessy, one of Kenya’s most talented comedians has had his share of hardships in this life of sin and in as much as we all wanna have our parents in our lives, Jessy didn’t have that.

In an interview with Talk Central, Jessy revealed that he’s never lived with his father and that he only saw him three times in his life

“My father passed on a long time ago, I never lived with my father for long. I saw him 3 times in my life. I grew up with my mum after my father passed on.”

He went on to reveal that his mother died during his rehearsals when he was just about to do his KCPE.

I was in Embu County School. During the KCPE rehearsals my mother passed on, KCPE exams were on Tuesday my mum passed on that Monday. I sat for exams then that Friday I went to Meru and we buried her on Saturday. KCPE for me was a sad time.”

Despite all that, Jessy has made it in life through his great talent of cracking our ribs.

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