MC Jessy Sighs After A Photo Of His Broke And Ashy Days Emerges Online

Most people think MC Jessy’s life is charmed because of what he has achieved in his entertainment career.

But life for the funny man was not always that easy.

“After finishing school, I came to Nairobi to look for a job, and because I didn’t have a place to stay, my classmate’s parents took me in. It was easy for them to accommodate me because their son used to stay at our place when he came to Meru.”

He added,

“They were seven of them and were living at a small house in Kawangware, so we used to sell mandazi every morning. Their mother would tell me to sell five extra mandazis and pay myself with them. During the day, we sold chips mwitu. That’s why to date, I’m a good cook. I know how to chop potatoes for making fries.”

After staying with them for months, Jessy moved on to another friend’s house.

“One day, I was in town and met up with an old friend. We went to their home in one of the leafy suburbs and I started staying with them. His father was an MP at that time and he saw our friendship with his son. Funny enough, he made me his shamba boy. I used to wash clothes and cook.”

The struggle was real for the Churchill Raw star. Here is a photo of him when he was mega broke and ashy.

MC Jessy

He captioned the photo, “Wacheni mungu aitwe mungu.. 😂😂😂😂🙌🙌”

Kenyans in their usual fashion had to comment…

Mekkadishken Pasu Kamau: Hahaha Jeeesy na hiyo style hujawai acha ni madoido kidogo tu umeweka😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

Njung’e Peter: Tumbo cut naaayoo,!!!! yenye ii ni direct nomination ya Nairobi Business Community.

Ingwe Kennedy: Respect bro! Today you have earned my respect, sky is no limit

Rhoda Nims: Wasichana wa Kiambu Nduberi wameona hii waaah watu hutoka bali

Scolarsticker: Amen ooh from tumbokat to suit

Shanizlv Lv: Kwani ulianza kutumia mafuta gani umekwa mbrown waah hadi nadaut ni ww

Jeniffer Martin: Jamani watu utoka bali.

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