‘I live in Kinoo and I’m okay with that, no one cares,’ MC Jessy reacts after David the Student was accused of conning people abroad

Former Churchill raw comedian David the student and media personality Kobi Kihara have recently been under harsh public criticism.

David was accused of conning people of their hard earned money taking advantage of his ‘celebrity status’

On the other hand Kobi Kihara was ridiculed for stealing content and posting it as her own to the point of her completely shutting down her social media platforms.

Kobi Kihara

Speaking on the issue of David the student, MC Jessy who hosts Churchill raw says that hio ni shida ya kujiekelea.

Answering the question on why David the student would con people of their money, Jessy says

“Reality is everything. You don’t have to have a social media life to survive. Kama wewe ni mtu wa mutura kula mutura. No one cares. Mi naishi life yangu huku Kinoo. When I realized that I, nikasema hakuna pressure.”

He added that the pressure a celeb may have is not from outside but from within. He also explained that comedy was paying well citing the examples of MCA Tricky, also a Churchill Show comedian who is flourishing.

David the student

He emphatically said that as long as somebody is working in the Churchill Show they should be doing well, insisting that they don’t play around with their artists money.

His advice to celebs like Kobi Kihara on social media usage was to use it to market themselves saying:

“Live your own life. Look at Huddah, she changed her social media profile to market herself. Now she has Huddah Cosmetics on her page. That is wisdom. Also Vera has done the same (Selling her new salon Vera Sidika beauty parlour).”

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