Mbosso with Diamond Platnumz

We should have won the condoms! Mbosso pokes fan at his mentor Diamond

I have always maintained that Diamond Platnumz doesn’t know how a condom looks, much less how one works! Yes, and I can wager on that last statement I have just made – A 10 bob wager at that!

The man seems to get a get with any woman that he is linked with – nay he so much as looks at. From Zari to Hamisa to Tanasha the Tanzanian musician got those women pregnant within weeks of meeting them!

Zari, Diamond with their two kids in the past
Zari, Diamond with their two kids in the past

Talk about a poor pull-out game (non-existent is my guess) or just an aversion for condoms, the man reminds many that he is one man who will most likely never go to a doctor for a sperm test as he has shown his virility in the past.

It seems that even his WCB labelmate Mbosso has noticed that his boss might have a problem in that department and offered some advice.


Mbosso decided to hilariously troll the “Jere” singer after a fan won a pack of condoms on Wasafi TV’s entertainment show dubbed #BigSundayLive.

Diamond responds to claims that he gave Tanasha’s Landcruiser to Mbosso (Video)

Interesting thing is that Mbosso also enjoyed himself along with Diamond noting that the pair of them should have won the pack of condoms as they are the artistes with many children at WCB.

“Lile Briefcase lilokuwa na Condom kwenye Big Sunday leo, lilifaa tushinde Mimi na Wewe, Lingetusaidia sana kaka Yangu 😂😂😂😂😂” wrote Mbosso.

And to show what a spot he is, Diamond defended himself by saying that he is a changed man. “@Mbosso_ Unaumwa wewe. Mie asahivi ni mtu wa ibada,” responded Diamond.

Diamond-Platnumz's with his kids in the past
Diamond-Platnumz’s with his kids in the past

The conversation between the two stars, prompted their fans to join in, with a section agreeing with what Mbosso had raised, while others opted to just laugh at them.

It is possible that Diamond has started seeing the importance of wearing a rubber after getting 3 baby mamas in 3 years! Funny thing is that Diamond was hired as a safe s3x brand ambassador in 2019 by the Tanzanian authorities and he was tasked with promoting condom use among the youth! This despite him having a poor track record with rubbers!

Diamond Platnumz shirtless

Or maybe that experience had an impact on Chibu?


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