Dennis Itumbia and Jacque Maribe

Mbarikiwe: Here is the new project Itumbi and Maribe are working on

Jacque Maribe has been off the limelight but that has not stopped her from extending a helping hand to the community alongside Dennis Itumbi.

Just recently a Kenyan woman reached out to Itumbi asking for help in terms of donations to run her Children’s home and Itumbi shared that Jacque had offered to help also.

Partly Itumbi wrote,

‘Pastor’s Moment: What do you need to have impact on society? (Long Post Alert)

Many times in my life I have known the answer, or so I thought, all you need is nothing, but a persistent will.

But yesterday evening, I met a waiter who taught me the most important lesson of life, ” You can have Influence, without Affluence.

You do not need wealth to change society, you just need to decide to do your part, with the little you have.



 Complain less, reach out more and in all things start your influence where you are do not wait to get a podium higher,” the waiter told me.

Monica, began her texts in a unique manner, ” I want to tell you something, but first promise me you will not tell the President or DP”

‘If God gives me another child I am OK with it, but I am contented with Xolani,’ – Wilbroda

Itumbi added that the lady narrated how she saves her tips from her waitress job to help homeless kids.

The conversation that followed is my sermon today.

” Dennoh, I got a job as a waiter a few months ago. I am not paid much as you may know, but I get tips,” Monica started and I urged her on.

 I live in Dandora and two months ago, I started a programme that I hope will save several kids and grant them a chance in life,” Monica continued.

 So I started with shelter, I am paying rent for two houses of Shs.5,000 each, because I chose to separate the girls and the boys,” Monica continued.

 The actual cost is actually Shs. 4,500, it is the other costs such as tokens that are catered by the extra 500 bob,”

So, I ask how do you feed them and how many are they?

 Dennoh, these kids scavenge at the dump site, and at their age food is everything, so I have convinced them to go to school and that way they get free lunch,” Monica explained.

homeless kids

Monicah added that she sometimes buys goods in bulk adding that she wouldn’t mind some help



All I am asking for now is a mattress, “I need 10 of them size 4 by 6 ama 5 by 6, pia ukipata watu wanadonate food unaweza nishow, hii ni story Sisi tunaweza sort bila kuenda mbali sana,” Monica narrates.

“By the way to keep them busy, they have been cleaning the estate and our part of Nairobi river. We have also been planting trees,” Monica discloses and send pictures attached.

(Governor Mike Sonko. I am sure you can help Monica too…0


Itumbi went on to add Kenyans to help to state that he has already helped her by sending her cash but would go later to deliver mattresses.


‘Okay, am calling on you to sacrifice a meal, a beer or an outing, once a month and let’s give Monica 100 bob a month.

Are you willing to be part of #MonicaTouchingLives – comment below and be part of the #100BobMovement per month.

We can start immediately. If I get 700 of you we can make a difference together.

Tag a friend and let us send Monica 100 bob, also I will note those of you who offer to be part of this and create a team.

Just sent mine ….to Monica on +254 (0) 723253953

71314758_10221451368502033_3305782060819415040_nIn conclusion, he said that Jacque is accompanying her and we are impressed.

‘As for the mattresses, we will deliver the 10 of them with my good friend Jacque Maribe – I spoke to her and she has offered 6 of them as long as I look for the other 4.

Let us all Just be Us. Humanity.

God Bless You Monica, for reminding us that simple lesson, we just need passion and a will to hold someone else.’


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