The driver of the bus that diverted to save a womans life

Mbarikiwe! KBS Bus driver and conductor save a woman’s life after diverting bus to take her to the hospital

Kenyans are known for praising a good deed and it was not different as they heaped praised on a KBS bus driver and conductor for saving a life.

In a post that has since gone viral, a Facebook user narrated how the driver and conductor of bus fleet No. 231 Utawala route, came to the rescue of an ailing woman.

Speaking to SDE, Stephen Kariuki, the driver of the bus, KBR 855B, recounted the incident that took place around 7am Monday morning along Mombasa Road, Nairobi.

Stephen says

“When we were approaching Bellevue, passengers raised alarm that there was a sick woman on-board. She looked very sick and she was with her young son. It’s like she was going for a doctor’s appointment,”

When the situation got worse, Stephen and his conductor took drastic measures to save the woman’s life. Stephen adds

“The conductor walked towards the traffic police officers at the Nyayo round-about to request right of way. At first the traffic police were reluctant but the conductor persisted and they gave in,”

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According the driver, the woman’s condition took a turn for the worse while they were at Bunyala roundabout but the other passengers kept her awake and took care of her.

“At first I was traumatized to see a very sick person being taken to hospital by a small boy. They were seated in front of me so I saw everything. The woman was losing her consciousness. She couldn’t talk and she couldn’t wake up,”the facebook user narrates

“We searched her and found a piece of paper that had three phone numbers. We tried to call but no one answered,” she continued.

Running out of options, the driver and the conductor decided to drop passengers at Kencom stage and rush the woman to Kenyatta Hospital.The driver concludes

“We had to go all the way to Kenyatta and make sure that the woman was in the hands of the nurses. Luckily, there was another lady in the bus who saw our struggles and decided to accompany us to the hospital. We left the woman and her son at the hospital and hope that she gets well,”

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