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‘May she never fight battles like I have as she watched,’ Vivianne’s prayer for daughter

Songbird Vivianne is a grateful mother of one.

Her daughter is now all grown and Vivianne is celebrating the new milestone.

In a recent post on her Instagram, Vivianne shared a photo of her daughter. She then showered her with love, asking God to always protect her daughter and to never allow her to go through tough fights like she has.

“Mama na Mwanawe. I pray from the bottom of my heart that my daughter never grows up fighting battles that I’ve had to fight as she watched me 😭. Life can be painful too.”

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Vivianne first unveiled her daughter on social media two years ago, on Mother’s Day and her fans were stunned.

She shared a picture on the gram of the girl riding a bike captioning;

“My little heartbeat. We’ve been through so much together. God has been good to us.”

Explaining why she decided to keep her daughter away from the limelight, she said she likes her privacy but explained that her daughter wasn’t such a big mystery as people close to her knew of her.

“I am a private person, and it’s a good thing that I posted the picture because I was tired of speculations from people and I decided to demystify the speculations. Besides, anyone who I meet often and work with has always known about my daughter,” said Vivian.

Vivianne is married to comedian Sam West.

Check out the photo of Vivian with her daughter;


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