‘…justice always cement our bond of unity,’ Kibaki’s grandson celebrates his 89th birthday

Former President Mwai Kibaki has turned 89 years old today.

Kenyans took their time to celebrate the retired president.

He was last seen in public in February when he went to pay his last respects to his predecessor Daniel Arap Moi who died in February this year.

His grandson Sean Andrew shared a photo of him and captioned;

“May hard work and justice always cement our bond of unity that we may get our country back to production.”

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Here are more messages;

Chris Jesse wrote;

“True Patriot , I remember during his tenure those stickers that circulated everywhere ‘Najivunia kuwa Mkenya’ . Nowadays Patriotism is on a deathbed , the words of our national anthem being the contrary of the reality at ground . The current state of the nation is a pity.HBD mzee.”

James Mbugua;

Best President Kenya will ever have. Most thriving businesses right now were started during his reign. Unfortunately the looting duo took the office and everything he had achieved went down the drain. Happy Birthday.”

From us is Happy birthday.

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