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Maureen Waititu’s ex Frankie and Corazon slammed after pregnancy announcement

Maureen Waititu is one of the most beautiful mothers out there. The social media influencer still looks stunning after getting two kids with her ex-husband Frankie Kiarie.

The two split up in 2019, something that she took very badly even having to see a psychotherapist. It got so bad that she was diagnosed with depression and had to be prescribed drugs for it.

Maureen Waititu in yellow

Since then the chocolate-skinned beauty has made a wonderful recovery becoming the image of bliss after their public split. But it seems that recent events might threaten that peace.

Maureen Waititu shows off completely renovated home to get rid of exes vibe

What am I talking about? Curvy socialite Corazon Kwamboka announced this week that she was pregnant. While she didn’t name the father of the kid, good money is on Maureen’s ex Frankie being the dad.

Frankie Kiarie with Corazon Kwamboka
Frankie Kiarie with Corazon Kwamboka

Her pregnancy post had plenty of clues sprinkled in to point at that Frankie might be the father. It should be stated that both Frankie and Corazon have not commented on who the father might be but that doesn’t seem to have stopped Kenyans from inferring a lot from Maureen’s most recent Instagram post.

In it, Maureen posted a quote about journeys in life. Her caption read; “When you think you are at the end of something, try to remember that point might be the beginning of another journey.”

Maureen Waititu on her bed
Maureen Waititu on her bed

But many of her fans saw into the message and many tried to encourage her with the obvious villain in the story being Frankie.

Some of the comments are below:

sharlene.brown.12 Imagine leaving such a beauty for a slayqueen… Some men are a throw

sharlene.brown.12 @gichanaemily yaani there’s no comparison kabisaa…Nikama kuruka mavi unaangukia mharo….sijui wanaume utaka nini

@sharlene.brown.12 I know, right? Such a decent sweet soul. ❤ As for the socialite, karma does not forget an address… it will end in premium tears.

gracey_kimani  Aki am really praying that the slay queen is not pregnant with Mo’s baby daddy..

Maureen Waititu with her two sons
Maureen Waititu with her two sons

gracey_kimani Expect narcissists to do anything to prove a point. Anyway, let’s not discuss those two clowns here. Sending her love and hugs! ❤❤❤

sharlene.brown.12  unfortunately she is. Nairobi slayqueens know very well that you’re married and will still do anything to date your man, break your marriage, and rush to get pregnant. That guy belongs to the streets!

While I understand loyalty to a person I don’t get the bile. Hadn’t they both broken up and hadn’t they both moved on? What’s the noise for? Aren’t people allowed to move on after they divorce/break-up?

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