Maureen-Waititu with Frankie Kiarie in the past before their break-up

Who is more to blame for their relationship dramas? Maureen Waititu or Frankie Kiarie?(Poll)

The Kenyan entertainment scene is clearly a mature one. Why? Scandals and controversies come out daily at a rate that even I am struggling to keep up.

The one that has dominated this week is the drama between Frankie Waititu and his ex Maureen Waititu. In his birthday post to his son, Frankie claimed that he couldn’t be with his son Lexi during the auspicious occasion because he had been forbidden from seeing him.

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The henched father of 3 wrote and I quote, “Since I have no access to you, Iโ€™ll pass these words on and hope they find you.”

The line above came in the middle of a long wall of text in his message but caught the eye of many keen watchers.

His post escalates an already tenuous relationship between the two media personalities who co-parent two children together.ย This will inevitably lead to a counter from Maureen.

The accusations and counter-accusations between the two have increased this past year. This is in contrast to 2019 when the couple split up and seemed to have had an unspoken detente’.

Frankie and Maureen Waitituโ€™s relationship was always bound to end in the gutter

But it seems that Frankie’s new relationship (and subsequent baby) with Corazon Kwamboka might have been the fuse that ignited theย powder keg.

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While I don’t see the tensions reducing for now (until the courts hopefully intervene), I have to ask; who do you think is more to blame for the current maelstrom between the two?

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