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Ask Frankie the last time he bought clothes or toys for the kids – Maureen Waititu says

Earlier this week I predicted that the war between Maureen Waititu and Frankie Kiarie would ramp up after his contentious post this week.

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Ice Cream & Chill #WeekendVibes

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The bodybuilder had alleged that his ex Maureen had prevented him from seeing his kids during his son’s birthday week. And how do you think Maureen would respond to the allegation? With fire and brimstone.

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Maureen refuted all the allegations saying that it was all a lie and that wasΒ just trying to make himself look good.

“Frankie does not even know where we live, he has never bothered to know. It’s sad that he had to use a platform to wish my son a happy birthday and dragged my name into it, only for me to be trolled and attacked. When he was leaving home I requested him to buy a small phone for his son Lexxie so that they would be able to communicate. And to make things easier I even allowed that he calls our nanny and check out on the kids’ welfare if at all he did not want to communicate to them through me. Ask him the last time he bought clothes or even toys for the kids.”

She went on to add,

“I grew up in a single-parent home and I know how it feels, but then again you cannot force someone to be a parent. All I ever needed was a structure on how we will bring up the kids. I do not want pity am just tired of being dragged down by someone when I have done nothing to. I am speaking up so that women suffering like me can also get the courage to speak up.”

And what was her final salvo? “Stop putting long beautiful posts on social media does not feed the kids. even of you do not love me at least respect for your kids.”

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