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“It’s a powerful thing!” Maureen Waititu says on recently reconnecting with her dad

Maureen Waititu’s 2021 has been very calm compared to her 2020. For those who can remember, 2020 was a year when the media personality went toe to toe with her baby daddy Frankie Kiarie and his new woman Corazon to boot.

But this year, Maureen has been on the down-low as she hasn’t been named in any scandal or storm, something I believe she has strived for.

Kenyans should be saddened by Frankie and Maureen Waititu’s relationship drama

And that’s not the only place that the dark-skinned beauty is working on, she is also trying to have a better relationship with her father.

In a recent interview withΒ Pinky Ghelani, Maureen Waititu for the first time spoke about her newfound relationship with Mr Waititu; and from her palpable excitement, one could see that she was in a better placeΒ with her father.

According to the mother of two,Β she recently reconnected with her old man and things seem to be going well for them. She said that the experience had not only helped to heal her relationship with her father but had also changed her perspective about her sons’ relationship withΒ their daddy, Frankie Just Gym it.

“I reconnected with him much later, in fact, very recently. It is a very powerful thing that I can talk to him when I feel like it!” Adding, “My mom never said a bad word about my dad, she allowed me to have a relationship with him and that’s the same example I am following with my two sons and their dad.”

What Maureen is doing is commendable. Many psychologists have identified daddy issues as a potential problem area that can particularly affect the way a woman interacts with the opposite gender in relationships.

What are daddy issues/mommy issues?

As you may know, these issues are a result of the relationships you had with your mother or father when you were growing up, and maybe even how the relationship remains today.


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