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I went to see a psychologist after breaking-up with Frankie – Maureen Waititu

Maureen Waititu and Frankie Kiarie were the dream couple for many. They were just picture-perfect for those who still believed in the notion of FOREVER love. (Who hurt you? The cat.)

But as with most things in life, they didn’t last and they parted ways sometime last year. Since then, stories about their break-up have been trickling out slowly.

Maureen-Waititu with Frankie Kiarie
Maureen-Waititu with Frankie Kiarie

Recently Maureen spoke about the break-up saying that she had been seeking mental therapy for the last few months since she broke up with fitness trainer Frankie.

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Speaking on her Youtube channel, she said, ‘Get up and seek help. I went to see a psychologist and a psychiatrist, and I’ve been doing well. It’s not a secret that I broke up with my ex about six months ago and it was so tough. I remember not being able to know how to react. Break up or grief is a process. I trusted it and that’s why I look like I have healed but I have not rushed it.

The couple in the happy past
The couple in the happy past

The beautiful mother of two mentioned that during the process one will go through denial, anger, crazy, negotiation and acceptance and go back and forth until the process finishes what it started so you can heal.

As the year began, Maureen advocated positive selfishness. ‘We settle because we don’t know how much we are worth. Never settle, no matter how hard it is. People suffer because they don’t know how to be selfish. Learn to have boundaries. sometimes you have to ignore a situation that won’t work with you. Be selfish with your time, peace, money and everything, but not mean.’

Maureen Waititu in blue
Maureen looking great in blue

She encouraged fans not to please anybody because people will always scrutinize you.

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