Maureen-Waititu with Frankie Kiarie in the past before their break-up

Frankie and Maureen Waititu’s relationship was always bound to end in the gutter

The relationship between ex-lovers and relationship goals couple Frankie Kiarie and his ex-wife Maureen Waititu seems to be eroding faster than fake bling exposed to the elements.

Yesterday, the already strained relationship suffered another body blow when Frankie alleged that Maureen had refused him from seeing his two sons.

In an Instagram post, he made to his son Lexi on his birthday the muscly father of 3Β said he was hoping his son would get the message that he should always be true to himself and live his dream.

…Since I have no access to you, I’ll pass these words on and hope they find you. Be true to yourself always.

The biggest story in his birthday message to his son was the line above. To say that I hadn’t seen this coming, would be a lie.

The signs had been brewing over the past year. The couple split up in early 2019 with their break-up being kept hush-hush by the both of them.

But rumours started spreading about the fate of the picture-perfect as the two hadn’t been seen together on their popular Instagram accounts. As most people know, Instagram is a huge predictor (and very accurate I must say) of a couple’s relationship status. But I digress.

The celebs soon confirmed the news in their own individual way with Maureen being the more outspoken of the two. She confessed in multiple interviews and messages how the break-up hard been so tough on her that she had to see a therapist.

Frankie was more muted and respectful but became more forthcoming after his relationship with Corazon Kwamboka went public.

Till then Maureen had been emotional but had still tried to exercise restraint while speaking about the father of her two kids.

Corazon enters the scene and things went to shit…

I believe Corazon was the tinderbox that set the underlying and pervasive tension between the two alight. Since her entrance into the picture, the ex-couple has been going at each other’s necks regularly.

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The claims and counter-claims that have emerged between the couple have not only shocked the public but entertained them (schadenfreude I guess).

While some might enjoy the drama, for me it is a sad reminder of what a few months can do to a relationship between two people who had kids and history together.

Corazon Kwamboka finally shows off cute son with baby daddy Frankie(video)

But it was bound to happen. Corazon not only emerged as the woman who had replaced Maureen but she came along with a bun in the oven-Not a side chick but a woman who will forever be linked with Frankie.

She gave birth in the month of August 2020 and since then Frankie has lavished her with praise and attention-the consummate partner and father.

I don’t think his affections, attentions and intentions for Corazon have helped the already strained relationship between him and Maureen.

And I don’t see things improving on that front. Best case scenario is that it will end in court between the ex-couple. But I could be wrong and the two could exercise some maturity and forward-thinking in lieu of the kids they have together.

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