‘I think back to how unhappy I was,’ croons Maureen Kunga on weight loss journey

Singer Maureen Kunga of the famous trio, Elani, is embracing the new self after her weight loss journey, citing that she is happier and feels more beautiful.

The beautiful songbird has always addressed the insecurities she has had with her body and the measures she took to change it instead of wallowing in self-pity

However, she says that she stopped pitying herself and in 2016, she started the journey to weight loss.

She took to her social media sharing a self-love post that said,

Sometimes I look at this grainy photo and it really shocks me 😊 Not because it’s such an “amazing transformation” and “inspirational story”. But because I think back to that girl on the left and remember how unhappy she was sometimes.

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Maureen opened up on her struggle with weight loss on various occasions and how it impacted her self esteem but is finally learning to accept herself throughout the whole process.

She has in the past spoken about how she had tried different methods and regimes that she thought would help her lose weight faster but did not work.

The Kookoo hitmaker also continues to say,

Unhappy, not because she was overweight, but because she had allowed her weight to define her. I could not see myself as the talented, beautiful, intelligent, funny, strong, wonderful human being I am because my weight had become the one thing that I saw.

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Don’t get me wrong, I had good days, but most of my time was spent obsessing and struggling and talking down to myself.


I am not a skinny person, nor do I ever really expect to be – I’ve actually put on a little weight from the photo on the right 😂 I mess up and I do unhealthy things sometimes, but I feel beautiful, and a million times happier.

I am free of so much baggage! I’m headed in the right direction. And life is more than a number on a scale. #BeFree#BeYourself #BeAwesome! #OwnYourCrown

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