Matheskos! Things you need to know before dating an older woman

Younger men (mostly in their 20’s) had alot to confess to Maina Kageni about the appeal of dating older Kenyan women.

The older woman are called matheskos and are tough as nails, but irresistible from the tales told on Friday morning conversation.

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What is it about older women? Young men who understand the attraction to mature women told their stories below after Maian sought to know why women are bankrolling the lifestyles of these ‘boys’.

What a conversation we had yesterday about budeskos. There was a fellow who called in yesterday and we need to talk about matheskos. Cos I was told matheskos exist, there is this breed of women who exist who take care of their bodies and you see them at the gym, you see them at karura at jafrees lavington. So Mwalimu is trying to wonder where you hook up with these women young men?


One man said ‘The ones who drive harriers keep keep these young boys in check, but let them enjoy’

Another said ‘maam wa harrier very wealthy spoil their boys, whose work is to give good service, they have bloti maguta maguta’

bado these are young ladies wewe,matheskos huvaa Kong Kong open shoes,with gold rings na ni wakali kwa Ruben 10s #MainaAndKingangi

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A not so shy man said ‘I dated this woman for three months and she even bought me a phone but when we broke up alichukua simu.’ #MainaAndKingangi
There was a time last year I almost fell into trap of a Mathesko who we worked together for a Month and he used to tell me how her mzee is not interested in her of late. I ran away like Joseph of Bible.
@ItsMainaKageni @Classic105Kenya #MainaAndKingangi
They’re very open and give you freedom .. provided you agree with terms and conditions of the contract #MainaAndKingangi
They walk in holiday towns like a mother and an elder son but you can always see the chemistry between them as long as he is doing it right. Secondly, they don’t always go for poor men, some target married and working men. #MainaAndKingangi

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bado these are young ladies wewe,matheskos huvaa Kong Kong open shoes,with gold rings na ni wakali kwa Ruben 10s #MainaAndKingangi
she is 49 and I am 28 and i love her more than life. We get into such relationships thinking they are much younger because they have nice bodies, only until you find out. I cant think of opting out. matheskos ni wamama wa harrier very wealthy with alot of plots, but they control you,


most matheskos are divorced and go for young blood, they pay for our rent where they drop by for good times, ni malsay shosho.

man caller : ni kitu iko, like most of our friends are searching or them, mbaya sana i am 24 and i am searchign for one to pay bills, niko na shida and im willign to do anythign for her, why not? i brgngn to the errlationship everythignshe want si will do, as logn as im also benefitting liek she is.

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