Mater Hospital ordered to pay woman Sh2.4m over damaged uterus

Senior resident magistrate P Muholi has awarded a woman Sh2.4 million as compensation after she sued Mater Hospital for negligence.

In her ruling the magistrate said the injuries suffered ( uterus perforation ) by Betty Wakio were not beyond control of Mater Hospital.

Muholi said she is not convinced by the explanation that the woman had had an incomplete abortion before visiting the hospital.

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The magistrate said prior to the hospital visit, the woman did not have a perforated uterus and ileum.

According to court papers Wakio on September 13, 2013, visited KNH to see a gynaecologist but was referred to Mater Hospital.

It emerged that she had suffered miscarriage which led to evacuation, she said.

After the evacuation was done she felt severe pain which she said forced her to go back to the hospital five days later.

A CT scan was done which showed that she had a perforated uterus.

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But Mater Hospital said the woman had lost many pregnancies and had to undergo evacuation at different hospitals at least twice.

The hospital denied liability, saying the woman suffered the perforation elsewhere and, therefore, the case against it is wrongfully before court.

According to Mater, the woman has been visiting the hospital since 2004 and not even once did she complain about the services she received.

The hospital also said the medical attention she was given was proper.

source:The  Star

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