Masaibu ya GOAT wives: 11 common complaints first wives have


First wives have been dubbed as GOAT Wives, more so after the drama between Amber Ray and Amira over businessman Jima Roho Safi.

And now that Amber Ray has been dumped and Jimal gone back to the first wife, here are some things you need to know about what women put up with.


  1. You feel overwhelmed by house chores coz he never helps

2. He doesn’t remember key dates

3. You two have the same arguments every day

4. He parties or drinks too much

5. His family drives you nuts

6. He is gone all the time from home

7. He is friends with his exes online

8. He doesn’t understand how hard you work, either at home or in the office

9. He doesn’t compliment you or your appearance.”

10. He doesn’t make time for you + kids

11. He doesn’t support you emotionally

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