Masaibu! Female Political Aspirant DRUGGED In a Club In Mlolongo And All Her Valuables Stolen

As the election date draws nearer, more and more politicians are pushing their campaign even harder to make sure that they win in the August 8th polls.

But the truth of the matter is, it’s never easy and there are a lot of scandals and challenges along the way, and this is what has happened to a first-time political aspirant, whose drink was spiked during a night out.

The political aspirant happens to be a woman, though her identity has been withheld to protect her image privacy.

According to Crazy Monday, the female politician was found sleeping unconscious on Saturday morning, with no recollection of what had happened that previous night.


The lady was lying on the table of a club in Mlolongo looking despondent and alone before being woken up by the waiters, only to find out that her valuables, including her phone, were missing.

The political aspirant, who is said to have a big influence in her area of campaign, was shocked by the incident and sadly, none of the people or friends she had gone out with could be traced or reached for a comment since her phone had been stolen.

From the look of things from the club scene and her unconscious state for all those hours, it appears that the woman politician was likely drugged by someone who spiked her drink.







-Crazy Monday

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