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Why didn’t you fight for your marriage! Fan savagely asks Maryaprude

Maryaprude was one-half of a dream couple when she got married to Willis Raburu a few years back. The pretty woman and her famous anchor husband were a good bet to go down the distance in their marriage but things fell apart last year.

The couple suffered a miscarriage on the first day of the year in 2020 and never really recovered despite them taking a month-long visit to the USA to mourn and heal.

In April, the rumours were that the two had separated and were no longer living together, something both of them have resolutely refused to comment on. A source close to the two alleged that the reason behind the separation might have been infidelity.

But one can see that in their actions that the ex-couple have each gone their own way with even Marya going as far as dropping her husband’s name.

This past weekend old wounds were elicited during a Q and A session by Maryaprude when a fan insinuated that she hadn’t tried to fight to save her marriage.

Marya Prude with Willis Raburu in the past
Marya Prude with Willis Raburu in the past

It is not clear if Marya felt offended by the question but her response was one filled with humour and also a hint that she did not want to speak about the past.

The fan’s quiz read: “Why didn’t you fight for your marriage?” Marya’s reply was: “Someone hold me coz somebody is about to meet their ancestors.”

That wasn’t all, Marya also answered a question about her relationship status and was quick to note that she is not dating at the moment.

In a past interview, Raburu admitted that he wished that he never put his relationship in the limelight for everyone to see. The journalist was not proud of the negative effect it had on his union with Marya and blamed himself for how it panned out.

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