Maryaprude with Willis Raburu in the past

Willis Raburu’s ex-wife Maryaprude responds to trolls attacking her lifestyle choices

Maryaprude, the ex-wife of Citizen TV anchor Willis Raburu, is not a lady who cowers when online bullies decide to come at her.

The pretty lady has a track record for going HAM at anyone she feels has crossed the line. This past week, Marya threw down the gauntlet calling out people who have been trying to tell her how to run her life.

Why didn’t you fight for your marriage! Fan savagely asks Maryaprude

In an Instagram post which she has since deleted Marya, declared that how she conducted her life shouldn’t be of any concern to “concerned” Kenyans.

“How someone would want me to feel bad about enjoying my own life is something I do not understand. My friend, if you don’t like your life, do something about it and let others enjoy their own,” she posted.

Some of her critics had gone after her saying that she was partying too hard after her break-up with Willis Raburu who has since moved on to brand influence Ivy Namu.

Willis Raburu with his new girlfriend
Willis Raburu with his new girlfriend

Marya who is now letting her hair down in 2021 after a tough 2020 where she lost her baby girl, Adana, had been posting photos from parties she had attended in Nairobi, Nakuru and other places.

Marya it seems is a fan of the biggest musical craze in town, Amapiano. And she has been duly posting photos of herself at the events, something that had rubbed her detractors the wrong way.

Frankly speaking, I am happy for Marya. She is finally moving on from something so terrible that most likely was the cause of her marriage to Willis breaking down.

Let her leave a little. Life is already tough as it is.

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