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Mary Wambui Murder Trial: Kenyans react as husband and mistress shed tears

The husband of late Kiambu Woman Mary Wambui wiped his flowing tears at the court as hearing of the murder case commenced on Wednesday.

Joseph Kori 41, who wore a black jacket was seen trying to control his tears at the Kiambu court as the hearing of the case went on.

Joseph Kori wiping tears while in court with Judy Wangui and Micheal Mathenge during the murder case of Mary Wambui./STANLEY NJENGA

When he was brought before the court, Kori was doing fine until his lawyer started presenting his case before Kiambu senior principal magistrate Stella Atambo.

He took out his white handkerchief and begun wiping his tears that were freely flowing down his cheeks at the court.

Kori is among the three suspects in the murder of Wambui.

His mistress Judy Wangui and a car hire businessman Michael Mathenge who admitted to having helped ferry Wambui’s body to a dam in Juja was also present in court.

mpango wa kando kills lover wife
June Wangui, accused of killing lovers wife

Police are seeking 14 more days to continue detaining the three suspects over the murder.

The prosecution told Kiambu senior principal magistrate that investigators need more time to complete investigations which is a complex matter.

But defence lawyers opposed the application, saying nothing is being done by police.

Wambui disappeared on January 26, and her body was found the following day at Courtesy Beach in Juja.

mary kamangara and husband
Slain Mary Wambui and hausband Joseph Kori

In the video that surfaced days after her brutal murder, Wambui, 39, tells people challenges never last forever.

Read reaction from angry Kenyans about the two lovers:

Florence Queengliness Wanyoike : The mind boggling part is where her house and car are replicas of the dead lady’s property. Yaani she just wanted to be at par yet it still wasn’t enough! So she now decided to be the only woman in his life. This was premeditated! A schemer to the last detail. She forgot that the dead may tell no tales but…they leave evidence and clues.

Sue Waribe:  It’s not anger, she was just greedy

Sally Asoro : young but evil minded, why kill.someone’s mother,somebody’s daughter. Kaa ndani,

Moses Mwamburi : Greed and lack of understanding that there is abundance for all of us ;you don’t need to kill anyone to enjoy it

Marion King’ori : ALL our actions have consequences.. it’s got nothing to do with age, level of education or background it’s the CHOICES WE MAKE…. she chose.

Sarah Munyolo: She was greed for wealth ,may she rot in jail.

Maina Gichiri: Whay Anger and Bitterness? This is Greed, gave birth to the rest.

Julie Kihara :She envied Wambui and wanted her life so badly to an extent of killing.

Jonathan Mulei : This is not hunger….it is lust he had already taken enough from someone else husband…so she even decided to take the lifr of the wife..too bad

Felistus Wangeshi Wanja! What angered this woman?


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