Mary Kamangara and her hubby

Details of what transpired before Mary Kamangara was killed

Mary Kamangara’s  lifeless body was discovered on Sunday 27th January 2019 after she  was reported missing by husband Joseph Karue.

She left her residence at Safari Park Gardens for Kahawa Sukari where she owned a hardware, when she vanished.

We have a chronology of what transpired before Mary was ruthlessly murdered.

‘Nothing lasts forever’ Last words of slain city woman Mary Kamangara

Mary Kamangara
The late Mary Kamangara

1. On Saturday 26th Jan 2019 the late Mary Kamangara and Judy Wangui Mungai (alleged lover to Mary’s husband) pass each other  between Garden Estate in Nairobi where Karue lived with his family. Wangui’s house is located at Fourways Junction on Kiambu Road.

2. Wangui goes to Mary’s home so as to meet her husband to solve a pending matter, on arriving she was welcomed by Mary’s six year old son.

Check out photos of Judy Mungai, the woman arrested for allegedly helping kill her lovers wife

3. Wangui then convinces the boy to follow her so that she can go buy him pizza to which he obliges but not before informing his mum. It is reported that she was also coercing the boy so she could find out where his dad was.

Judy Mungai
Judy Wambui Mungai

4. Mary’s son informs her that ‘Daddy’ s aunty’ is at the door and despite Mary suspecting that Wangui was her husband’s mistress she maintains her calm.

5. Mary invites Wangui in so that she (Mary) can go prepare as they head out for lunch, a request Wangui quickly turns down opting to wait outside instead.

6. Mary Kamangara and Judy head to Homeland Inn, a hotel located on Thika Road just after the Garden City Mall turn-off, for lunch.

7. Later Mary is said to have convinced Wangui to take her to her (Wangui’s) house at Fourways Junction.

‘Nothing lasts forever’ Last words of slain city woman Mary Kamangara

The late Mary Kamangara and her hubby Joseph

8. On reaching Four Ways Mary confirms her worst fears that her husband was also the man of the house she had visited. This is because his photos were all over Wangui’s wall.

9. An argument ensues and Mary’s body was found dumped the next day.

10. Mary’s husband was arrested at the scene where the body was found. On being questioned what he was doing there, he said a Facebook post in Kilimani Mums led him there.

The post had stated that a woman’s body had been traced to that area.

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