Martha Karua

Momma’s boy! Martha Karua introduces handsome look-alike son (photo)

Martha Karua is known as the iron lady of Kenyan politics. The former Justice Minister in Kibaki’s government, is a no-nonsense public servant who doesn’t take any prisoners when engaged in a political fight.

But what most people don’t know is that despite her tough exterior that’s hiding within the chocolate-skinned woman, is someone with a friendly and down-to-earth personality.

This fact was reaffirmed recently when Ms. Karua introduced her lookalike son to the public. Using her Twitter page, the smiling lawyer shared a photo with her son, Dan, at a luncheon to honour Kenya’s first female chief justice, Martha Koome.

From the photo, one could see the resemblance between the smiling mother and son as they took a selfie. Martha was wearing a red dress with red and yellow prints while Dan wore a black t-shirt with a red stripe.

Ms. Karua’s caption read, “With my son Dan at the luncheon to honour the Chief Justice Martha Koome.” Most Kenyans were impressed and said as much in the comments section;

Wow! Great guy and with a great mother! Am sure he has taken after your brilliant character, decisiveness and firmness! We are lacking such men! You are a force that takes no shit and that’s what most modern men are missing. Congrats senior counsel and distinguished lady!

We would give you beautiful grandkids if you do not mind.

The soft side of a tough woman. I will never forget the day you called me just to thank me for assisting one of your children. I could not believe i was speaking to a minister. Your soft side is very beautiful.

That’s an iron Lady… good role model on our generation for being firm in the requirements of law and integrity

The veteran politician has previously spoken of her joy of being a grandmother telling Sunday Magazine two years ago, “It is like a second chance at parenting. My weekends are now mostly occupied by my grandchildren. They make me run around even though my knees are not so good,” she said.

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