Mbithi Masya and his wife Mayonde

‘Marrying my first love…’ Kenyan songstress Mayonde opens up on her love life

Kenyan secular artiste Diana Mayonde Nduba has said marrying Mbithi Masya has been a learning experience.

Something she doesn’t regret.

The best thing about marrying my first love is growing with someone and seeing them grow into themselves.

Understanding how money and intimacy grow together.

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Mbithi Masya and his wife Mayonde

The relationship has changed but it has changed in the sense that we know each other better now.

Knowing what pushes their buttons, knowing their mood.

Talking about when she is planning to join mother’s club Mayonde said,

I don’t know when and we are enjoying our life together and learning how to take care of ourselves properly.

I might get kids in two years.

‘Being unable to conceive for years was the first challenge in our marriage,’ – Ciiku wa Soxxy

Mayonde and her husband
Mayonde and her husband

Talking about her childhood Mayonde who is half Kenyan half Rwandese said,

‘I was born in Nairobi and grew up in Ngumo for 25 years before I got married.

Being half Rwandese I grew up with lots of Rwandan relatives who had come due to the genocide.

But after peace prevailed most of them went back.

I go to Rwanda maybe once a year, sometimes I go for functions and performances.’

I really miss my Rwandese relatives.


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